Rapid Response Initiative

Immediately after the General election of December 2007, Kenya witnessed a dramatic and catastrophic event in the form of the post-election violence and found itself unprepared to deal with the same. The media, the government, as well as CSOs took approximately two weeks to wake up from the milieu and start acting. However this was a reaction rather than a proactive action. Uraia, through the efforts of concerned Kenyans and development partners, was able to launch the National Response Initiative (NRI) which was aimed at reconciliation at the onset but also aimed at ensuring that the spirit of the National Accord and the agenda four items as articulated in the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation initiative were all fulfilled. Thus, the events necessitated the need for a rapid response facility which was able to facilitate actors to respond within the shortest time possible.
Uraia has put in place a Rapid Response facility that will allow for early response to matters of national importance and hence help the citizens and civil society have a coordinated and organized way to deal with any ensuing tensions or violence. The facilityis aimed at helping finance short-term projects (activities or interventions) targeted at preventing conflict, managing and diffusing conflict, research and documentation of the conflict in order to feed into effective programming and future learning.Click Here to download the RRI framework.