About Us

Uraia Trust is a charitable trust, which works in the areas of civic education, civic engagement and institutional transformation. Uraia’s vision is to build an informed, empowered and democratic nation. Uraia does this by facilitating the development of an engaged citizenry through the provision of quality civic education that enables Kenyans to realise their constitutional aspirations. Uraia’s Key Focus Areas for 2016-2020 are entrenching constitutionalism, promoting free and fair elections, addressing historical political marginalisation of women, youth, Persons Living With Disabilities (PWDs), marginalised and minority groups and promoting internal excellence. Uraia works in Kenya through civic educators, Implementing Partners at the national and county level and the media. Uraia Trust also collaborates with the Government of Kenya at both the national and county level.


Civic Education

Civic Engagement

Institutional Transformation