Call for Proposals

Uraia Trust is a national organization that supports democratic transformation processes in Kenya.  Its mission is “To provide quality civic education and empower Kenyans to exercise their civic duty in order to realize their constitutional aspirations.”  

 Uraia’s work is informed by its four Key Focus Areas (KFAs), which are:

  • Entrenching constitutionalism,
  • Promoting free and fair electoral processes,
  • Addressing the historical political marginalisation of women, youth, persons with disabilities and minority communities in Kenya,
  • Internal Excellence.

Uraia / Women Voice and Leadership (WVL) – Reference no. URAIA /WVL /CFC/ 1/2020

With funding from Global Affairs Canada through CARE International, Uraia Trust, The Centre for Rights Education (CREAW), Community Advocacy and Awareness (CRAWN) Trust, and Urgent Action Fund Africa (UAF Africa) are implementing the Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) Project in Kenya.  This is a five-year programme whose goal is to strengthen the institutional capacities and activities of county, regional and national Women’s Rights Organizations(WROs) seeking to empower women and girls advance the protection of  their rights and achieve gender equality.

As part of the WVL Program, this is Uraia’s first granting Call whose purpose is to support Women Rights Organisations’ to improve their governance, management, programming, advocacy and sustainability in promoting women and girls’ rights and gender equality.

Please find below documents pertaining to the call for proposal:

1. Uraia WVC Call – Detailed Information

2. Uraia WVC Call – Summary Advert

3. ATTACHMENT 1 – Uraia WVL Concept Note form

4. ATTACHMENT 2 – Uraia WVL Budget Template

5. Uraia WVL Call – Fact Sheet

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