Core Values

Uraia’s core values are:
 Integrity. Uraia is committed to the highest standard of truthfulness and honesty in all its operations and interactions. Uraia believes that integrity is essential for its
Trustees, Staff, Partners and Stakeholders in order to ensure open and truthful partnerships. Uraia endeavours to contribute to Kenyans internalisation of
the guiding principles of leadership and
integrity as laid out in Article 73(2) of the
• Professionalism. Uraia is committed to
the highest level of diligence, skill and
competency. Uraia will endeavour to
ensure that its Trustees and Staff act with
the highest level of professionalism at all
times in order to ensure that Kenyans are
able to benefit from the work of Uraia.
• Teamwork. Uraia strives to be continually
cooperative in the interests of the
organisation’s vision and mission. Uraia
will at all times seek partnerships
and opportunities that bring together
stakeholders in a common vision of enabling
Kenyans to realize their constitutional
• Equality. Uraia is committed to ensuring
that individuals and groups have access
to the necessary resources and support
that ensure equal opportunities. Uraia is
committed to contributing to equality and
freedom from discrimination as enshrined
in Article 27 of the CoK. In this respect
Uraia shall apply affirmative action in
its operations and programmes in order
to promote the interests and needs of
marginalized and minority groups.
• Equity. Uraia strives to ensure impartiality
in all its decisions and interactions.
• Non-partisanship. Uraia shall be objective
and independent in its work and will not be
affiliated to any political party. Uraia will
ensure that its resources will not be used
for any partisan activities or contribute
to partisan initiatives. Uraia recognizes
that every Kenyan is free to make political
choices as espoused in Article 38 of the
CoK and therefore to ensure that this right
is realized by all and will not therefore be
affiliated to any political party.