Key Focus Areas

Key Focus Area


Entrenching Constitutionalism



This Key Focus Area seeks to enhance citizens’ knowledge and adherence to the national values embodied in the Constitution. It seeks to enable citizens to exercise their sovereign power and oversight at both the national and county level over the legislative, executive and judicial arms of government. By entrenching constitutionalism Uraia seeks to address the challenges of weak public institutions, low public participation and citizen apathy. Uraia seeks to build a new constitutional order amongst citizens, institutions and leaders.

Promoting Free and Fair Elections



This Key Focus Area seeks to ensure that citizens are free to exercise their political rights by participating in elections that are by universal suffrage based on the aspiration for fair representation and equality of the vote. In order for elections to be free and fair they should be through secret ballot, free from violence, intimidation, improper influence or corruption, transparent and administered in an impartial, neutral, efficient, accurate and accountable manner. This Key Focus Area therefore aims at ensuring that an independent body conducts elections, there is fair representation of persons with disabilities, and leaders elected abide by the guiding principles of leadership and integrity as espoused in Article 73(2) of the CoK.

Addressing the historical political marginalisation of women, youth, persons with disabilities, marginalized and minority groups.


This Key Focus Area seeks to support corrective measures aimed at addressing past direct and indirect discrimination of groups with regards to their right to representation and participation. Through work in this area Uraia hopes to contribute towards the promotion of representation of women, persons with disabilities, youth, minority and marginalised groups within the executive, legislative and judicial arms of government at both the county and national levels.

Internal Excellence



This Key Focus Area seeks to enable Uraia to be a leading national organisation that is responsive to the civic needs of Kenyans. This Key Focus Area will enable Uraia to address the challenges around civic education uptake by undertaking projects that enable strategic thinking around Uraia’s Key Focus Areas. This will include the development of a training and documentation centre on constitutionalism, undertaking a civic competence index for Kenya and scenario planning.