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Election polling


Polling refers to the casting or recording of votes in an election on a predetermined date and time during which voters choose their preferred leaders.

According to the Constitution of Kenya, general elections shall be held on the second Tuesday of August in every fifth year.

Polling may also take place on other dates determined by the commission with regard to the by-elections, referendum and recall elections. voting should start at 6.00 am and close at 5.00pm.

Only those on the queue at 5pm will be allowed to vote thereafter.


Activities before polling

  • Voters to visit respective polling stations to know where they are registered to vote.
  • A register of voters is posted at the respective polling stations, seven days before the Election Day, for the information of the voter.
  • Voters are informed of the voting requirements and procedure.
  • IEBC staff conduct pre-poll activities which include, inspection of polling station, issuance and confirmation of materials, demarcation of polling station, assigning of duties and responsibilities to poll officials, setting up of the polling station.


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