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Political rights of different groups

Political Rights and Responsibilities of Women, Youth, Persons with Disabilities & Marginalized Groups

All the rights available to all citizens also apply to marginalized groups.

They include rights:

  • To form or participate in the formation of a Political Party
  • To participate in the activities Of a Political Party
  • To campaign for a political party or a cause
  • Free, fair, and regular elections based on universal suffrage (the right to vote at 18 years, regardless of age, sex, wealth, income, ethnicity, political stance or any restrictions)
  • To be informed on political issues.
  • To participate in political meetings
  • To attend community or civic meetings
  • To be members of private, public, and voluntary organizations
  • To have access to all materials and devices to overcome constraints that may impede their enjoyment of political rights
  • To have opportunities to associate, be represented and participate in political activities
  • To treatment with dignity and respect.
  • They have the rights to have access to all places, political rallies and information.
  • Political rallies need to be done in an inclusive manner, and in a manner in which there is no violence or insecurity so that women, and persons with disabilities can participate.
  • It is also important to have meaningful participation of youth women, and persons with disabilities as active participants in the political process not just passive.

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