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Special groups in electoral process in Kenya


Special groups in electoral process

Special groups in electoral process include: women, youth, persons with disabilities, elderly, minorities, marginalized

Rights and responsibilities of special groups in electoral process

  • register as voters.
  • right to stand for elective office.
  • vote in an election and by-election and referenda.
  • be assisted to access a voting station.
  • on-spot assistance.
  • have access to necessary information.
  • vote for a candidate of his/her choice.
  • right to the secrecy of the ballot.
  • right to election related materials in accessible formats.
  • right to know the outcome of an election.
  • be protected from any form of abuse.

Needs of special interest groups in electoral process

  • access to information.
  • access to registration as voters.
  • accessibility of the voting station.
  • assistance in voting.
  • priority during voting.
  • friendly voting environment.
  • braille ballot papers.
  • provision of polling stations in confinement areas.
  • customized voter education.

Importance of participation of special interest groups in electoral process

  • builds confidence in the voter.
  • encourages participation.
  • social recognition and integration.
  • respect of fundamental human rights.
  • platform for advocacy for inclusion.
  • recognition of their needs.
  • mitigation of stereotypes against them.
  • contributes in determining leadership.

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