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Voters guide on election day operations

Voters’ Guide on Election Day Operations

Voting in all polling stations in Kenya and in diaspora will start at 6am and end at 5pm local Kenyan time. In case a polling station opens late for one reason or another, polling will be extended in that polling station to recover for the lost time. All voters who will be on the queue by 5pm will be allowed to vote.

Once in the polling station, a voter is required to:

  • Provide his/her original ID card or a valid Kenyan passport to the IEBC clerk
  • Place finger on the KIEMS kit for biometric identification
  • Receive 6 stamped ballot papers from IEBC clerk
  • Proceed to the polling booth
  • Correctly mark the 6 ballot papers in secret
  • Cast each ballot paper into the corresponding ballot box
  • Have his/her small finger marked with indelible ink
  • Leave the polling station after voting.

What a voter should do if he /she cannot read nor write (Assisted voters)

  • Be accompanied by a person of his/her choice.
  • The assisting person should be 18 years of age and above.
  • The assisting person should take and sign oath of secrecy of the ballot.
  • Where the assisted voter is unaccompanied, the presiding officer in the presence of agents shall assist.

What a voter should do if he/she is not identified biometrically from the KIEMS kits

A registered voter who is not identified by use of biometrics is required to fill a statutory form FORM 32A that will enable the voter to be identified by use of his/her ID or Passport number .

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