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Voting procedure in Kenya

Voting Procedure



  • The voters’ queue in an orderly manner.
  • Voters get into the polling room one by one.
  • Elderly, persons with disability, sick or expecting mothers to be given preference.
  • There may be separate queues for men and women where necessary.



The voter is ushered in the polling room by a clerk who:

  • Verifies that the voter has no mark to show that he/she has already voted.
  • Requests for the voter’s identification documents.
  • Identifies the voter electronically.

NB: A voter without identification documents will not be allowed to vote.

Verification of particulars

The voter is directed to the next clerk who:

  • Checks for the voter’s details in the register of voters.
  • Calls out the voter’s name loudly, if the name appears in the register
  • of voters.
  • Refers the voter to the Presiding Officer, if the voter’s name does not appear or the details are incorrect.


Issuing of ballot papers

  • The ballot paper is stamped at the back, detached carefully, and issued to the voter.
  • The voter is guided to the booth and the ballot box.


Marking and voting

The voter:

  • Marks the ballot paper secretly in the booth.
  • Folds the ballot paper(s)’
  • Casts/ insert the marked ballot paper into the respective ballot box

The color of the lid corresponds to the color of the ballot paper.



A mark is put on the small finger of the left hand or the space between the index finger and the middle finger (chill sign) in case of nail polish or henna, to show that one has voted.

A voter assistant (other than the PO) is marked on the left thumb or  the space between the index finger and the thumb (gun sign) in case  of nail polish or henna then exit the polling room immediately.


Procedure of assisting a Voter who may not vote by self

A voter who requires assistance to vote may:

  • Bring along his/her personal assistant who must take an oath of secrecy before being allowed to assist the voter.
  • Request the presiding officer to assist in case of no voter assistant.

Presiding Officer or assistant must mark the ballot paper as directed by the voter.

N/B: Voter Assistant should be 18 years and above, can only assist one voter and must be under oath.


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