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    Uraia’s work focuses on citizenship. We contribute to the progress of Kenya through the development of its most important resource- citizens (raia in Kiswahili).
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    We believe that the possibility of effecting social change in a democratic society is always present if citizens have the knowledge, skills, and will to bring it about. That knowledge, those skills, the will, and the necessary traits of public and private character are the products of a good civic education. 

    The challenges to effective citizenship in Kenya are the weak commitment to the effective implementation of the constitution, the unfair application of law, unequal access to justice and public services, the ethnically-based practise of politics, the continued marginalisation of women, youth, people with disabilities and minorities. 

    How we work

    We facilitate the delivery of quality civic education in a number of ways:
    • Through our network of County Coordinators, Budget Facilitators and Civic Educators
    • Through the media and awareness-raising campaigns
    • Through sub-grants awarded to national and county-based Implementing Partners
    • Through Strategic Partnerships and Networks

    Our grants build organisations and networks, support movements and initiatives. We are currently making grants in the following outcome areas: 

    An effective ecosystem for continuous quality civic education and engagement.
    We will establish an ecosystem for continuous civic education and specifically one that keeps growing - beyond the provision of resources – and catalyses a sustainable environment for the delivery of civic education.
    Increased responsiveness and accountability in Kenya’s public spaces.
    We will provide civic education on rights, enhance awareness, and strengthen engagement on issues that have impact on people’s everyday lives.
    The foundation for a national culture of Utu established.
    We will develop a national consensus on the relationship between the perceived lack of a values-based culture in public affairs and the attainment of the constitutional dream of the Kenyan nation.
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    Assistance to Foundations is Help to People

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    We Create Savings Funds

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