Focuses on delivery of sustained quality civic education and mass civic education to citizens utilising innovative and attractive and strategies.

Sustained quality civic education: Quality sustained Civic education delivery to organized community groups through Civic Educators using Uraia 6/13 week’s curriculum at the constituency level. Secondly, Civic education delivery to county government officials at county level using the three-day executive civic education curriculum.

Mass civic and voter education: Mass civic and voter education delivery first, through the media and secondly, by the implementing Partners. The county based implementing partners utilise multiple strategies to deliver civic education; such as public forums, radio programmes, social media platforms, road shows, theatre performances, community bunges, public barazas etc.

Development and distribution of Information Education and communication (IEC) materials.  This include; the pocket size Constitution of Kenya 2010, Acts on devolution, simplified posters and brochures on devolution and public participation etc.

Networking and partnerships on civic education: Working with state and non-state actors on civic education issues. This include CSOs, CBOs, county government and national government institutions and commissions that undertake civic education work