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Uraia Trust implemented a three-year programme, ‘Safe and inclusive cities (SAIC),’ funded by Plan International- Kenya. The programme targeted youth between the ages of 15 and 35 in the informal settlements of Nairobi and Kisumu counties. It aimed to improve safety in the settlements and increase youth inclusion in decision-making processes.

The project strategy focused on building knowledge and strengthening skills of young women and men to influence urban governance and planning on safety and economic opportunities.

County Reach

Implementing Partners

Funded By

Plan International- Kenya



Key Achievements:

  1. Enhanced capacity of youth-led organizations in Nairobi and Kisumu County to engage in participatory governance processes. Young women and men exercised their rights and responsibilities by engaging with duty bearers to provide safety and security services.
  2. Improved safety in Nairobi and Kisumu informal settlements because of social accountability work conducted by youth groups. This included the installation of security lights along feeder roads, improvements of roads to ensure safe rides for boda-boda and matatus, improved relations among youth and security agents (police, chiefs, county commissioners).

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When we think of other peoples lives as linked to our own, our empathy grows. They’ve demonstrated an amazing ability to help build a brighter and better future for our country. – OLIVER SANDERO

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

List of Implementing Partners


Transform Empowerment for Action Initiative (TEAM)- SAIC 2021)



Daraja Civic Initiatives Forum (SAIC 2021)



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