Rapid Response Initiative

The Rapid Response Initiative (RRI) is a facility that Uraia puts in place from time to time to allow for early response to matters of national importance. It is worth noting that the facility was established to allow Uraia to scale up and enhance its efforts to respond to matters of national importance.

As part of Uraia’s Rapid Response Initiative, Uraia has developed an online CSO platform on COVID 19. It’s a space for strategy, planning, action formulation and a place to find resources on COVID 19.

The model we are using is our Rapid Response Initiative (RRI) which was last used on a wide scale after the 2008 PEV. This platform will serve organisations and individuals working at both national and county levels by facilitating actions on three areas related to the COVID 19 situation in Kenya. These are:

A Situation Room

An Action Platform

A Resource Centre

The Situation Room will be a space for quick and consistent thinking, reflection and strategizing: providing an online platform for virtual discussions and strategy formulation amongst CSOs. Its focus will be on producing cohesive joint strategy, leveraging the strengths of the diverse existing institutions, coalitions and networks.

The Action Platform will facilitate the formulation, implementation and coordination of timely and appropriate action to mitigate the situation at all levels. The Resource Centre will amplify and disseminate updated, relevant research, pedagogical, advocacy and activism materials and strategies appropriate for the wide range of contexts, constituencies and needs served by the sector.

As was the case with 2008/9 Rapid Response Initiative, Uraia’s role will be purely facilitative; it will hold the space for the platform and provide logistical and administrative support to keep it running.

To take part in the initiave, please join us at https://csocovid19rapidresponse.discussion.community/