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Abdullahi Abdi

Abdullahi Abdi is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Aid, a Non-Governmental Organisation that is working with the pastoralist communities of Kenya. He has been instrumental in fighting for the rights of the minorities, particularly the marginalised in the northern and the Coastal regions of Kenya. He has been actively involved in the struggle for change in country since the late 80s, and has been participating in interfaith groups for reforms in Kenya. He was a member the Steering Committee of the Ufungamano Religious group that actively opposed the partisan Constitution Review Commission in late 90s. He is the Chairman of Consortium for the Empowerment and Development of the Marginalised Communities (CEDMAC ), a group that lobbies for the protection of the rights and progress of minorities.

He is the Chairman of National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF) which brings together the leadership of 67 Muslim organisations in Kenya. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador of Peace for the National Cohesion and Integrity Commission. He is a Member of the Board of Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK), an interfaith group that promotes peace and interaction within the various religious groups in the country. In the past, he has participated and chaireda number of Boards and organisations. These include; Member – Culture of Peace Network (CPN) UNESCO, Member – National Council of NGOs, Kenyan Member – International Federation of Religion and World Peace, Board Director – NGO Coordination Bureau, Member – Cultural & Health Grant Programme, Ford Foundation/PATH, Trustee – RAINBO U.K., Member – National Water Sector Committee (Kenya) WESCOORD, Chairman – National Halal Society of Kenya, Member – Reference Group – Constitution of Kenya, Committee of Experts, Chairman – National Governing Council APRM, NEPAD, Managing Director – Zonal Freights Limited, Range Management Educationist – UNDP/FAO Range Management Project.

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