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The Senate

  • This is part of the legislature, the arm of government that makes laws
  • Together with the National Assembly make up Parliament

What are the Function of the Senate?

  1. Represents the counties.
  2. Protects the interests of the counties and their governments.
  3. Participates in law making function of the parliament by considering, debating and approving laws concerning counties.
  4. Determines the allocation of national revenue among counties.
  5. Considering and determining any resolution to remove the President or Deputy President from office.

Composition of The Senate

  • 47 Members
  • 16 Women Members
  • Youth
  • Persons with Disabilities

The County Public Service Board

  • The County Governor
  • The County Secretary
  • The County Public Service Board

Composition of the board

  • Chairperson nominated and appointed by the Governor with approval of County Assembly
  • Three to Five members nominated and appointed by the Governor with approval of County Assembly
  • A certified Public secretary of good professional standing

Mandate of the board

  • Establish and abolish offices in the County public service
  • Appoint persons to hold or act in the county public service offices
  • Exercise disciplinary control over persons holding and/or acting in those offices
  • Prepare and furnish the county assembly with regular public service compliance performance reports
  • Promote public service values and principles
  • Advise the county government on its public service human resource management and development
  • Facilitate development of a coherent, integrated human resource planning & budgeting for personnel. salaries
  • Make recommendations on county government public service salaries, pensions

The County Executive

This is the organ which ensures that implementation of policies takes place

Who sits in the County Executive?

  • The Governor
  • The Deputy Governor
  • County Executive Committee Members
  • County Secretary
  • County Chief Officers

What are the roles of the County Executive?

  • Implement county laws.
  • Prepare proposed legislation for consideration in county assembly.
  • Manage and coordinate the county administration and its departments in provision of services.
  • Prepare and present budget, plans and policies for approval by county assembly.

The County Assembly

This is the organ where elected county leaders sit and make laws.


  • One person elected from each ward in the county.
  • Members nominated by political parties in proportion to seats won in the election to fulfill two thirds gender principle
  • Two representatives of persons living with disability
  • Two representatives of the youth
  • The Speaker (Ex-official)


  1. Makes laws for the County Government
  2. Exercise oversight over County Executive organs
  3. Debates and approve budget, plans and policies for the counties
  4. Maintain close contact with the electorate and consult them on issues before or under discussions in the County Assembly
  5. Presents views, opinions and proposals of the electorates to the County Assembly
  6. Attends sessions of the County Assembly and its committees
  7. Provide a linkage between the County Assembly and the electorate on public service delivery.


  • One person elected from each of the wards in the County
  • Members nominated by political parties in proportion to seats won in the election to fulfil the two thirds majority principle
  • Two representatives of persons with disability
  • Two youth representatives
  • The Speaker, who is an ex-officio member

Power of the County Government

  • Enter into contracts with other entities
  • Acquire, purchase or lease land
  • Delegating functions to County and Sub County institutions
  • Partnering with Public or Private Institutions
  • Establishing agencies and departments for services and other functions

From rights and responsibilities to values and nationhood

The duties of a ward administrator

Section 51 (3) of the County Governments Act says the Ward administrator should coordinate, manage and supervise the general administrative functions in the Ward unit, including:

  1. The development of policies and plans THE
  2. Service delivery
  3. Developmental activities to empower the community
  4. The provision and maintenance of infrastructure and facilities of public services
  5. The county public service
  6. Exercise any functions and powers delegated by the County Public Service Board (under section 86 of the County Governments Act); and
  7. Coordination and facilitation of citizen participation in the development of policies and plans and delivery of services policies
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