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National Civic Education Programme Phase One (NCEP I)

Under the National Civic Education Programme Phase I (NCEP I) Uraia played both a facilitation and coordination role. The overall objective of NCEP I was to consolidate a mature political culture, in which citizens would be more aware of their rights and responsibilities, and would participate effectively in broadening democracy in Kenya. The Programme specifically focused on equipping citizens with the relevant knowledge to contribute and participate actively and meaningfully in the country’s socio – economic, political and development processes. Under this Phase, Uraia supported approximately 60,000 civic and voter education activities that were carried out in the (former) eight provinces in Kenya, reaching nearly a fifth of the Country’s population. The civic and voter education activities were consistently effective in altering individual’s sense of civic competence, skills, overall knowledge, and actual engagement with political processes. There was significant increase in the Kenyan public’s psychology engagement with political processes as well as an increase in citizens’ sense of civic competence by the time Kenyans voted in the 2002 General Elections.

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