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National Response Initiative (NRI)

Under the National Response Initiative (NRI), Uraia aimed at facilitating a national rapid response focusing on mediation, peace building and conflict resolution following the Post-Election Violence (PEV) of 2007-2008. As a result of the NRI, Uraia supported various peace initiatives in the country such as Uwiano Platform though Peace Net. Uraia’s support also contributed to national consensus building and facilitating national dialogue on critical issues pertaining to the Constitution, including engaging in quiet diplomacy with the religious, sector, politician, and community leaders. Uraia also contributed to the national effort under the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation team under HE Kofi Annan and supported a range of actors to engage in reviewing and commenting on the proposed Constitution that was being drafted by the Committee of Experts (COE). The Programme also built a critical mass of pro-reform forces in the country, through implementing partners.

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