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Uchaguzi Bora

In 2012-2013, Uraia implemented the Uchaguzi Bora Initiative (UBI) whose overall goal was to build a critical mass of citizens working for participatory, peaceful, free and fair general elections. The UBI Programme facilitated civic and voter education through 57 Implementing Partners and 357 civic educators countrywide and strengthened the capacity of 57 CSOs and 357 civic educators to carry out civic education. The Civic and voter education resulted in increased access to civic and voter education and over one and a half million Kenyans were reached directly and 20 million Kenyans reached indirectly through mass civic and voter education. The Programme marked an increased knowledge among the Kenyan citizenry with regard to their rights and responsibilities, with over 43 per cent rating their knowledge as average, 22 per cent good and six per cent excellent. The UBI Programme led to increased participation of people in governance and electoral processes at 78 per cent and contributed to the large voter turnout of 86 per cent.

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