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Uraia’s civic education work will be both targeted and mass in nature, and capitalise on Uraia’s extensive network of Civic Educators in all the 47 counties and county-based Implementing Partners who also undertake civic education through the use of local theatre and community meetings. The civic education provided will be standardised through the use of curricular, which shall be developed in consultation with both State and Non-State stakeholders. Uraia’s civic education will reach mass audience through the use of both old and new media. Uraia’s media strategy shall address how to reach different segments of society with the most appropriate medium and take into consideration value for money. Uraia shall also capitalise on its extensive countrywide network to efficiently distribute Information Education and Communication (ICE) materials to the public. Uraia shall continue to work with both State and Non-State stakeholders in the development and dissemination of ICE materials.

Uraia has set itself a target of equipping one million Kenyans with quality Civic Education over a five year period, starting 2011 – 2015, focusing on deepening knowledge and understanding on the Constitution of Kenya 2010. In order to do this, Uraia will identify and train an initial 880 to 1,200 male and female civic educators starting at county level rolling this down to ultimately have civic educators at every constituency. The civic education will be structured such that citizens have sustained exposure to quality civic education which leads to citizen participation with each person receiving between 10 – 13 weeks of civic education training. This will expose them to a number of interactions and a range of key issues that allows for substantial learning to promote engagement and public participation. The civic education is intended to be action based learning that focuses on what can be done with the information/education to bring about long term democratic transformation in society.

Here is a map showing where Uraia Civic Educators and County Coordinators are located countrywide.

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